We made an effort to express the traditional culture of Italy and create exotic atmosphere.
Both Ola1 and Ola2 are layered with translucence skin on wall of the building.
This translucence skin becomes opaque skin in daytime, and is changed into transparent skin at night.
These flexible elements have an effect on advertisement , and are able to make the attractiveness and identity of the restaurant firm.
We just didn’t want the building always new like an expressionless face.
Even though it could be wrinkled and old as time passed, we want it to be
The building which has history and gentle smile of the age passed.
The material of outside is determined as exposed mass concrete and copperplate. The copperplate seems shine and raw to the point of being frivolous at the first time, but as a year passed and two year passed, its color would be gradually changed into dark brown close to black.
Moreover, as 10~20 years passed, the dark brown would be covered with green natural rust. I hope it would have stately and gentle ambience rather than just old and shabby even though it is getting old.

Establishment : in 2003
Address : BackWoun lake, Hackui dong, Weo wang city
Seating capacity : 130 (private room : 2)
Tel : 031.426.1008 / Fax : 031.426.1009