A new culinary cultural hub together with Galleria department store, Ola8!!
Even though Ola Galleria Choenan branch is still on a par with existing Ola concept, we adopted a concept suitable for the local character. In short, the most important feature is to introduce a natural ambience commensurate with the peacefulness of Choenan and a menu suitable for elegant mood. We tried to create a natural ambience which at the same time harmonizes with color of the local city compared to the first and the second branch at the Baegun Lake, and improve customer satisfaction by adopting one-on-one service. Also, along with past, we planned to capture costomers’ taste by introducing a new pizza. As it is located in a building, harmony with other facilities is a distinctive physical evidence of Ola. Ola Choenan brach adopted the concept of the city which is comfort in the sky, and built in the feeling of receiving customers of our dear hometown. Therefore, the taste and service provided to customers, our familylike neighbors.
Ola Chenan branch is equipped with various tables and rooms for many types of meeting. And since it is located in Galleria department store, the landmark in Cheonan, We realized a friendly exterior to commune with neighbors.

Tel : 041.412.9830