Ola 3 was completed in Yeouido in 2007.
In the case of color of every material, it was the principle to use the texture itself which the property of the matter has and the artificial materials never be used.
In order to express wood, we didn’t use the sliced veneer , but the ringepole from Korean style house which is no longer twisted despite more than 50 years passed.
In using stone materials, we didn’t use the sliced stone board as a skin of the surface, but rough stone itself piled up with wall or built-in furniture,
In using metal material, we used the black as it is when it comes from blast furnace. The representative atmosphere of Ola3 is natural.
Natural is for having the beauty of nature and human art of Yeouido square. The natural itself stands out in itself in city of Yeouido.

Establishment : in 2007
Address : Yeouido dong, Yeong Deong Po gu, Seoul
Seating capacity : 90 (private room : 1)
Tel : 02.2090.7220 / Fax : 02.2090.7221