Ola7 has optimized the components for artistic experience to be enjoyable. It’s been more than 10 years since the Ola1 at the Baegun Lake opened its door to the customers and we’ve tried our best to sublimate our food not just as food but into a part of customers’ life. The limitless love and support of customers’ have helped us hold our business and establish the finest Italian restaurant of all, Ola7. In some ways we built it in the feeling of receiving customers of homeland since it is adjacent to the Baegun Lake. Thus, our mission is to serve the people, who are not just customers but our familylike neighbors, with the best taste and service. Antonio Gaudi of Spain designed very special structures, interior spaces, and furnitures with a desire to produce natural form by poetic metaphor through following the rules of nature. Ola was designed inside and outside based on Gaudi’s spirit of following the rules of nature and stability of modern art. Ola fundamentally provide comfort and stable space being devoted to the basics rather than following the latest trend.
We would like to fulfill our wish of setting up the third restaurant culture creational space and becoming the pride of Italian restaurants.

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