Ola6 was settled as one of food spaces in Yeouido park center in summer, 2009. In the Park center where the premier hotel Marriot is, the value of the park of center increases in combination with the modern of Ola6
We sought the diversity of space concept.
The restaurant space where various concepts such as Natural, Modern & Classic are co-existed is Ola6.
The natural feelings are hidden in all places of Ola6.
The tables made of hardwood whole cut in half to show the inside, the pillars of log itself and the people serving and cooking are the things to express the most natural atmosphere . The classic of Ola6 appears in the interior. It is the clam and luxury dark brown color that we adopted on outside wall. We adopt some of sculptures and lights which has classic line to offer coziness.
And the kitchen of Ola6 is closed unlike the Ola3 in Yeouido.
Because we decided to seek the simplicity of mind rather than fun of seeing. By offering various size of room and hall in Ola6, it is appropriate to have private meeting or

Establishment : in 2009
Address : Yeouido dong, Yeong Deong Po gu, Seoul
Seating capacity : 170 (private room : 7)
Tel : 02.2070.7220 / Fax : 02.2070.7212